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Find me a is a free service to help people with computer related problems, to find computer service providers or computer technician in their local area. Also help user find common answers to their computer related problems. Computer service providers listed on this site have a wide range of capabilities and qualifications. Most service providers listed with us work with PC and or Macintosh (MAC) computers. Listed are some of the services you will find from the listed service providers.    

   Computer Upgrades – need help with installing ram, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, Disk Storage, USB Devices, Web Cameras,

   Computer Repairs –
Windows and Mac Operating Systems, Reinstall Software, Fix problems, Recover Data, Install Hardware, Virus spy-ware removal and more.

   Wired and Wireless Networking –
Set up and repair network connection, internet connection, network security, data encryption, file and print sharing and many other services.

     Virus Removal –
Is your computer running slow and do you need someone to check your system for viruses, spyware, and Trojans. Need help installing an antivirus program.


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