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    Here it is plain and simple: I have my own computer repair / consulting business in Orange County, Ca. I want to get more traffic on my site without the added expense of internet advertising. I created Find me a to not only create more traffic on my personal site but it will also help out other small business like myself. service providers who are in a similar situation as I. Best of all, this is a free service and I am not asking for money.

    How it works: Every service provider who signs up with us must have a link on their web site pointing to Find Me a Most likely if someone is on your site then will never click the link to Find Me A, because they have already found what they are looking for. The point of the link is to create a directory of computer service providers which will rank high with the search engines. One of the biggest trends of search engines is a concept called back linking. In other words the more websites that link to one particular website, the better ranking it will receive and will create higher search results. In other words, the more people linking to Find me a, the more traffic it will receive the more business we will all receive. Now here is where you can benefit. First off, I am only allowing one service provider per zip code. This is on a first come basis and the second service provider to apply in the same zip code will be accepted into the directory. In turn each provider will have their own territory and you will have limited competition for new clients. Best of all there is not cost to you to the service provider or the party searching for a service provider.

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