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This web site is intended to create leads and direct people to your local business. We offer no guarantee and make no promises that you will receive any new business or receive any benefit from this listing. We are only offering you the opportunity to create a listing in our database. We reserve the right to use your information at our own discursion. If any service provider misuses this web site in any way, including duplicate listings, or altering their business information in any way, we reserve the right to remove their listings from our directory. We also reserve the right to not list any service provider for any reason we choose. Currently we are not accepting any service providers in the South Orange County, Ca area.

    Public Users: All information on this site is considered copyright and is illegal to use without permission of Find me a If you wish to use this website for anything other then personal research or finding a service provider please contact us to receive permission to use our information. No service providers on this site are being recommended and we have not done any background checks on any person or business listed in our site. We are not responsible for any actions, errors or claims made by service providers listed on our site. We are just a directory listing to help connect people seeking computer related help find service providers in their area.

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1. Always Back up your data.

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