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Online Interview Transcription Services

Interviews can serve as a great method for research and are applied in various fields – from human resources to health care, jurisprudence to job hiring. Interviews are effective because it provides raw information about attributes, behaviors, preferences, opinions, attitudes, and knowledge about the subject at hand from a group of people. Interviewing is a form of quantitative research and can take various forms. Police interrogations, focused group discussions, job interviews, and medical telephonic interviews are all forms of interviews used towards various end goals. 

Types of Interview Transcription Services
  1. Literal – Also known as verbatim transcription, this records transcription word for word. It records every stutter, false starts, lapses, pauses, yawns, sneezes, and interjections. This form of transcription may be especially useful for legal and police interview transcription services because of the usefulness of the responses towards the process of litigation.
  2. Synopsis – Also known as intelligent or edited transcription, this form of transcription brings together the gist contained in the recorded interview and records the relevant information. This form of interview transcription is used in a job interview, or research interview transcription services or radio and news interview. This type of transcription requires an expert transcriber so as not to miss out on important information.
Online Transcription Services                                                                                                                                                                           

Online interview transcription services deliver convenience, accuracy, and effectiveness in transcription. Also, making use of an is as easy as ABC. You upload your radio interviews, police interviews, handwritten documents, audios, and videos of focused group discussions, or even job interviews. Your files are confidentially forwarded to an expert transcriber. The expert transcribers know their way around vocabularies, legal and research related jargon, and colloquialisms. The transcribers warrant that the transcription is performed with the greatest care – whether it is Academic research interview transcription services or any other interview transcription requiring the greatest of succinctness. 



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